Thema: Multimodal Phantom Modeling and Design for MRI-MPI-CT-PET/SPECT in AutoCAD
Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heinen
Dr. Ludek Sefc
Vorkenntnisse: Knowledge of AutoCAD or other CAD software
Für Semester:
Anzahl Studierende: 1
Abgeschlossen im Jahr:

Internship description

  • Possibility to stay in Prague for the whole internship or just realize several visits of our department and work from home
  • In both cases the internship covers 2 weeks of theoretical training on our imaging devices (check the websites to explain the basics and needs of each modality
  • 6-12 weeks of modeling and 3-D printing of phantoms for different modalities according to chosen parameters
  • Realize calibrations and test measurements on all devices to verify the phantom’s quality
  • Create a library of models for 3D printing
  • Final outcome should include a wider library of models for each modality thus multimodal versions for 3d printing, printed phantoms and results of test measurements
  • In case of interest is possible to continue in this field in following Diploma thesis

Required Skills and Experience

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with advanced knowledge of AutoCAD (or similar SW) and necessary skills to carry out tasks independently. We require working knowledge of English, good communication skills and proactive approach.