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  • K.I.T.T. the "Knight Industries Two Thousand" and his driver Michael Knight are back to battle the forces of evil on behalf of the Foundation of Law and Constitution. Catch gangsters succesfully and you will have the possibility to  drive into the F.L.A.G. Mobile Unit to get new sophistications like the Super Pursuit Mode or improve your jump strength in the Turbo Boost which will allow you to fight more efficiently against injustice. But be careful - you have to be aware of your biggest enemy - K.A.R.R. - the prototype version of K.I.T.T.

How To Play


  • Blondie

Programming Language

  • C

Concept Art and Screenshots

Demo Video (Advanced Prototype)


  • Vectrex binary knight_rider.bin
  • Overlay knight_rider.png
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  • Please respect the copyright and credit the author and the origin of this game.


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