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Vectrex Project 2018

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  • We're in the year 2020 - Earth was destroyed due to the foolishness of an orange-skinned president. Mankind had to escape to foreign planets. You made it to a fertile planet near an asteroid belt. The first people there founded P-Town, and fortunately your old neighbor built a ranch where he offers you a place to live and work. You're responsible for protecting the ranch from asteroids coming too close. Unfortunately, all rocket-launch-control-boards were used to build gaming consoles (yep, it's really boring up there...), so you had to think about other ways. You remember the cheap remote-controlled laser-lasso (without a CE marking!) you ordered from a foreign asian country before leaving Earth, and your cowboy adventures begin!
  • Or in short: Draw a circle around an asteroid to destroy it. Destroy them all. Proceed to the next sector.

How To Play

  • Use the joystick to move the cursor around the screen. Swing your lasso completely around an asteroid to catch it. You have to be fast, because your lasso has a limited length, and if an asteroid touches it, it will break and you have to start swinging again. Also, don’t touch the asteroids with the cursor or you will lose a lifepoint. If you catch all asteroids in a sector, you will proceed to the next, more dangerous sector. The asteroids there are bigger and faster. Your colleagues dropped powerups in a few sectors. Collect a powerup by catching it with your lasso, and use it by pressing Button 4.


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